Following on from the biggest Lego set ever, the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series has moved onto the £170 Y-Wing Starfighter which will hit Lego stores in a month’s time - yes it really will be a May the fourth (be with you) to remember if you get your hands on this!

Scroll through the images above to see the detailing of this set. 

The Y-Wing Starfighter is the mainstay of the Rebel Alliance and will be a must-have for those who have shelled out the not inconsiderable amount for the Millennium Falcon and Death Star which are also part of the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series. 

LegoThe latest Lego Star Wars set is a superb model of the Y-Wing Starfighter image 2

Built from 1,967 pieces the ultimate long-range bomber measures over 7cm high, 61cm long and 11cm wide. Naturally, there are a bunch of super details, including wheel-activated rotating cannons and a cockpit featuring Gold Leader and R2-BHD droid minifigures.

There’s also a tilting display stand so you can show off the model in all its glory.

The £650 Millennium Falcon was the biggest Lego set ever at 7,541 pieces and you can see how we got on building it last year in the below tweets. It took us around 22 hours or so:

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