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(Pocket-lint) - As you know (of course you do), Avengers: Endgame is out right about now. Lego has launched a whole new series of sets for the movie and they're available at various retailers now. 

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Captain Marvel and Nebula are all available as minifigures as part of the series.


The range has two sets sat at the top of the tree - Avengers Compound Battle and this set, the awesome Avengers 76126 Ultimate Quinjet. See our build diary by clicking through the gallery of photos above. 

It's obviously a highly sought-after set because, despite the relatively high price tag, there is a 10 day backlog on orders from the Lego Shop at the moment. 

Pocket-lintWe built Legos new Avengers Ultimate Quinjet image 2

Various incarnations of the Quinjet have appeared in Avengers series' and movies and there's also been three Lego Super Heroes versions as well of various sizes - though this is the most comprehensive model yet.

In the movies, the Quinjet is a large craft that vertically takes off and lands (that's known as VTOL if you're not an aircraft fan) just like a Harrier Jump Jet.

Pocket-lintWe Built Legos New Avengers Ultimate Quinjet image 12

This 8+ set produces a ship that's around 30cm in length with 838 pieces. Despite appearances, it's actually not a hard set to build - there are a few fiddly bits that will be problematic for little fingers - say a five year-old - but the majority is quite straightforward.

We've built several Lego Star Wars sets now and they were all harder than this on a step-by-step basis largely because all the pieces in a Star Wars set tend to be various shades of grey. That sounds like a silly thing to say, but the simple fact is it does make it more difficult. 

Pocket-lintWe built Legos new Avengers Ultimate Quinjet image 7

As you can see, the main body of the craft is fairly straightforward, being built from two main walls. Here you can see the front cockpit taking shape as well as the passenger compartment where there are control panels and two seats. You've then got a rear compartment where the trike slots into. 

Here's that compartment in more detail, further on in the build. As you can see, there's a rapid-fire shooter that you can 'click' round to fire a series (6) of one-stud circular pieces. This folds down from the top of the jet into the storage compartment. There are also two stud shooters on the front of the Quinjet, either side of the cockpit. 

Pocket-lintWe built Legos new Avengers Ultimate Quinjet image 8

And below you can see the rapid-fire shooter folded out on top of the ship. As you can see in the image above, the wings are clipped onto the fuselage with a few Technic parts. This enables them to be pretty strong once the model is completed.

In fact, there's nothing about this model that's fragile - unlike many of the more premium Star Wars models it is clearly designed to be played with. 

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Pocket-lintWe built Legos new Avengers Ultimate Quinjet image 9

Indeed, our Quinjet has already had an impressive amount of playtime and nothing has fallen off - it even rescued some injured sailors! 

The set includes an impressive six minifigures - Thor, Rocket, Hawkeye, Black Widow and two Chitauri. Here they are on top of the Quinjet with their weapons. 

Pocket-lintWe built Legos new Avengers Ultimate Quinjet image 10

This amount of minifigures adds cost to a set in terms of the amount Lego charges for it, while the price clearly is a slight premium due to the expected popularity of Avengers: Endgame.

But it's a really fantastic set that's very playable-with - and the included minifigures do mean that many Avengers fans will believe it's good value for money. 


Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 2 February 2016.