Rejoice! A second series of Simpsons and Lego Minifigs has been released.

There are now 16 new Simpsons Lego Minifigs to collect, hitting any reputable stores from 1 May. 

There's a great selection of characters in the mix here, including some of The Simpsons notable episodes. There's Bartman and Millhouse's Fallout Boy, both Homer and Marge looking dapper - just check out Marge's clutch bag. 

We're especially taken with Groundskeeper Willie, and then you get Marge's sisters Patty and Selma too. 

The Maggie looks a lot like the previous Maggie but comes with Santa's Little Helper, and Lisa comes with Snowball the cat. 

Sadly we don't quite have the entire set, but we've snapped those we have in our gallery for your enjoyment.

The Simpsons series 2 Lego Minifigures are now available, at £2.49 each. Buy them for your kids, keep them for yourself.