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(Pocket-lint) - A Lego version of the Powerloader from the Aliens movie has been created by builder Mark Nathan Willetts and will be available to copy soon.

Lego has a strict policy about creating anything from movies with an 18 rating since it wants to be for children only. Normally projects can be submitted onto the Lego Ideas site where they can be crowd voted to popularity and ultimately get made by Lego.

In this case the three months of work to design and build the Powerloader will amount to nothing from Lego. But that hasn't stopped Willetts who says he's going to offer the instructions on how to build this to anyone who wants it.

If the Brick Team Customs page on YouTube reaches 10,000 subscribers Willetts says he will release a step by step tutorial showing fans how to make their own Powerloader. Part will be numbered and even the decals will be described so creating it should be as straightforward as any other Lego project.

Check out the Powerloader in the video below but bear in mind this version is moving due to stop-motion animation of the video, it won't be robotically controlled.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 1 April 2015.