(Pocket-lint) - Ever since the Lego Ideas (nee Cuusoo) program started there have been some amazing fan-made sets greenlit and sold as consumer products.

Popular and cult movies have been represented and seen their properties made into official Lego sets, including Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and Minecraft, but few have been so immediately cool yet less obvious than the proposals built by SpacySmoke.

He has made three classic sit-down Sega arcade machines out of the toy bricks, and a selection of Sega fanboys and girls to play them. And they are brilliant.

The machines selected are Space Harrier, Thunder Blade and, our favourite, Out Run. And the cabinet design for each is spot on.

Whether we'll see them made into real sets you can buy is partly down to you and partly down to whether Lego can thrash out a deal with Sega for the official licensing. The latter part is perhaps the biggest stumbling block, but you should do your best to make it happen by voting for SpacySmoke's work on the Lego Ideas site.

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And if you do have a hankering to vote on another idea currently hosted on the service, you might want to swing by BreaksBricks' 1980 Arcade Machines project too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.