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(Pocket-lint) - Just when you thought you couldn’t watch The Lego Movie yet another time, in the same day, a sequel has been announced.

The Lego Movie Sequel, as it's being comically called, is due to arrive in 2018. But before you start readying yourself for years of The Lego Movie on repeat, don't worry there's more.

A Lego Movie spin-off called Ninjago, about a ninja, is due to arrive in 2016 and Batman is getting his own Lego movie in 2017.

The Lego Movie sequel will be written and directed by the genius gang behind the first film. Rob Schrab, of Community plus Parks and Recreation fame will direct, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will write - despite denying the film's existence during the Oscars last weekend.

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Miller and Lord said, about Schrab: "No one works harder than Rob, and his aesthetic, combined with his sense of humor, bring a strong, unique, thoughtful, and passionately nerdy voice to this project. People who know him are slapping their foreheads today and saying, ‘Of course!'"

While few other details about the film have been revealed at this stage it's great to know something is in the pipeline. Here's hoping one of our favourite characters, MetalBeard, makes a comeback in the sequel.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 25 February 2015.