It's been almost four years since Fifty Shades of Grey became an international book sensation, initially available in digital format but soon hitting every other conceivable medium as it smashed sales records. Now the long-awaited movie adaptation is almost upon us and as only around 60 per cent of the pre-sale cinema tickets have been booked by women, there are plenty of men also interested in the raunchy shenanigans.

Several trailers for the movie have heightened expectation, even though they come across as elongated perfume adverts, and the official postings of them have topped over 55 million views online. They are popular, that's for sure.

So popular in fact that a number of spoofs have appeared online too, with one of the latest being a masterclass in Lego animation. In fact, many are claiming that the Lego trailer for Fifty Shades is even better than the real thing. So we thought we'd do a trawl through some of the best spoof videos out there and round them up for you here.

Some are funny, some just odd. And we start with the Lego version as it's almost had three million views already, so is gaining a viral life of its own.

Fifty Shades of Grey, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, will be out in time for a Valentine's Day visit to the cinema.