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(Pocket-lint) - It wasn't real Lego but Character Options' Doctor Who Character Building range was the closest we got to the Time Lord (indeed, all of the incarnations) being rendered in minifig form. The sets were compatible with Lego too, so you could mix and match.

However, the series was conspicuous by its absence at this year's London Toy Fair. Character still had plenty of Doctor Who figures on display, but nothing that could be described as Lego-style.

That might be because Lego is do make its own official Lego Doctor Who set. And boy are we excited.

Along with a set for Disney's Wall-E, Lego is releasing a Doctor Who and Companions, a themed building set that will feature K-9 and the TARDIS, as well as at least one Doctor.

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It will be part of the company's Ideas initiative, which has previously seen fan submissions for Ghostbusters and Back to the Future also made into genuine Lego sets. The Doctor Who entry was submitted by Andy Clark, who is an artist at a gaming company although Lego doesn't reveal which one.

Hopefully, if successful, there will be other BBC-licensed Doctor Who sets in future. If not, you can also get out your old Character Building versions instead.

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Lego will reveal the release date of its Doctor Who set later this year.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 4 February 2015.