If you love extreme sports and toys, than you'll love Xtreme Videos' latest stop-motion film. It features Playmobil characters with BMX bikes.

Playmobil has been making toys for 25 years and is considered a major competitor to Lego toys. It also has a huge collector fanbase that likes to use Playmobil characters for things like miniature wargaming and the creation of stop motion films. In fact, one of the most recent stop-motion films to come from a Playmobil die-hard is a ridiculously awesome mountain bike film published by Xtreme Video.

"Karim Rejeb creates extreme sports stop-motion with Playmobil characters, in this episode the Playmobil riders explore the Mountain Bike and BMX world, ridden on mountain trails and unpaved environments," reads the film's description, though you should watch it for yourself to experience the craziness first-hand.

It's amazing to think about the work involved with stop motion as well as all the effort that must've been required to painstakingly assemble, move, and coordinate tonnes of Playmobil characters in order to create a rad extreme sports film for our viewing pleasure.