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(Pocket-lint) - Some of the sparkly new offices on the start-up scene have their fun foibles installed, such as foosball and ping-pong tables (table tennis if you like). Some have slides and swings, fun is positively promoted, and yet these outfits continue to get the work done.

No longer does a Newtons Cradle suffice in the workplace, more inspiration is needed and who better to support this process of play at work than the world's biggest toy maker; Lego.

The Danish outfit trumped sales of Mattel last week to take number one slot, and its constant innovation of its brick system and finding new markets will likely keep them there for some time. The latest target is the boardroom and bricks for businesses could be a winner.

Under the Serious Play branding, there are several team-building and workplace sets available.

The Starter Set for one worker contains an eclectic mix of standard bricks, a few Duplo bits and elements including wheels, tires, windows, trees, mini figure parts, tubes, globes and small base plates. There are 214 pieces in total - enough to let creativity bloom.

Its aimed at training a boardroom brain to think a tad differently, although we’ll avoid using the phrase “out of the box” for fear of mass retribution.

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And once the board is convinced that this Lego stuff is like the best accelerant for unleashing imagination across the workforce then its onto the Connections Kit with 2,455 pieces designed for workers to collaborate together with spiral tubes, ladders, fences, bridges and strings - all manner of connectors to create a single model with everyone's individual efforts combining. Sorting trays are supplied too.

The Landscape and Identity set is the one the boss will need sign off on next. It features 2,631 pieces of randomness in a box; baseplates, Duplo animals, Technics-type cogs and all manner of studded beauty in the Smorgasbord of Lego sets.

No surprise there are no instructions with these but an Imaginopedia booklet, which is about the only thing not to like here.

Imaginopedia? Please!

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The Lego Serious Play sets can found on the Lego online shop, priced from £23.99 up to £509.99.

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Writing by Peter Jenkinson. Originally published on 17 September 2014.