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(Pocket-lint) - Lego has released a new range of Minecraft kits, with full-sized bricks, available to buy now. These are just the start as more sets are due to follow.

Until now the only Lego Minecraft available was micro sets with the blocks and characters shrunk down to a smaller scale. The new Minecraft Lego features full-size Lego bricks – meaning normal bricks could be used to make modifications.

The sets are out already and available to buy in the UK. There are two kits available called The Cave and The Farm. Both feature the main character from the game, Steve. There is also a Zombie and a Skeleton mini-figure that comes with the kits.

The Cave is available to buy now at Hamleys for £20 while The Farm, which is slightly larger, will set you back £25.

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Future full-sized sets are also planned including The First Night, featuring a Creeper, The Mine, which is a much larger build, and The Ender Dragon feature the game's final boss. Pricing for these hasn't been announced but they are larger so expect to pay more than the current sets cost. There's no mention of availability of full-sized mini-figures as separate purchases, yet.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 18 August 2014.