While Lego is great fun to build, it's the clearing away of bricks that can be boring. That in mind a Japanese illustrator, designer and general genius has created chocolate Lego.

These aren't official Lego bricks but hopefully the idea will be popular enough for Lego to realise it's missing a trick here.

Akihiro Mizuuchi created Lego shaped moulds and poured different flavours of liquid chocolate into each to create a variation of chocolate Lego bricks. Not only are they all edible but they actually work too. Mizuuchi built three bears using milk, white, dark and strawberry chocolate bricks. Presumably you'd need to start from the fridge to avoid melting while building.

Since it's the mould creation that was probably the hard part you'd be able to pour any type of chocolate you want into them to create the bricks. Chilli chocolate bricks with some red food colouring? Why not?

While this wonderful creation isn't available to buy we imagine it will only be a matter of time before the moulds make it to market. Next step 3D printer files so anyone can print them from home. Of course all this will need to go through Lego first. But imagine Lego Simpsons you can eat. We can't see how that could ever be a bad idea.

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