A cyborg arm, dubbed Mark VI, has been built out of Lego that can make a fist, grab objects and pull-off gestures, all at the behest of its wearer.

No it's not mind-controlled unfortunately. But it is Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit that was used to create the mecca arm which is smart enough to shake hands with people. And no, it won't be able to crush your puny flesh hand, it's still made of plastic.

The Lego arm won Best Mindstorms Creation at the BrickFair Lego convention. It's creator Diavo Voltaggio says the name is literal as this is his sixth attempt at getting the arm perfect this year.

The arm uses buttons placed by the wearer's fingers which move with them to controls a mirrored movement in the larger Lego fingers. It also features LED lighting and a mount for placing a phone in the arm for quick-access.

Voltaggio says the arm gets heavy and wearing it for three hours straight at the fair did get tiring. With four motors and a battery all built-in it's no surprise. The batteries need to be changed every hour or so of constant use so it was built with quick changes in mind for easy access.

Technically you could build one yourself with the right kit, but we'd imagine it's a lot harder than it appears.

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