Have you ever fancied turning a picture of yourself or any other kind of image into a Lego work of art? Well, if Brick-A-Pic is successfully crowdfunded in the next 16 days, you'll be able to. And what's more, you build it yourself. Twice the fun.

The Brick-A-Pic project will, if it raises $50,000 (£37,200) in total, result in a service whereby you can upload any pic you like to a dedicated website and have it turned into a pattern to build the entire image out of Lego.

You can then choose to purchase a package containing all the required bricks from the Brick-A-Pic gang so you can build your entire mosaic. Alternatively, you can supply the Lego pieces yourself, although Lego itself only officially makes 16 colours in total. There is also a further expanded palette of "retired" colours that Brick-A-Pic can supply to make your picture more detailed.

The Brick-A-Pic algorithm already exists and can make images from five by five inches up to 15 by 15. The funding will help the team create the ordering and creation website. In addition, the team estimates that it will need to ship 87,527 Lego bricks with the patterns required just to fulfil all the Kickstarter rewards alone.

Pledges start at $2 for simple support, $10 for a conversion of your favourite image and the plans to build it yourself, up to $600, which will allow you to pick any custom size for the Brick-A-Pic conversion up to 5,000 square pixels.

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Some of the kits are available to ship internationally, others just for the US. If successfully funded, Brick-A-Pic will start to ship in October.

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