Lego has announced a new addition to its Ultimate Collectors' Series range, the Batman Tumbler Batmobile, as seen in the more recent Dark Knight trilogy of movies.

The 76023 Lego Batman Tumbler UCS set with be comprised of 1,869 pieces for $199 (£116) and will be available through the company's online and physical retail stores from September. It will also be available to Lego VIP members prior to the general release from 18 August.

It will be fully unveiled by Lego at Comic-Con in San Diego, which begins Wednesday, 23 July.

Once constructed, the Tumbler measures 15 by 9-inches and comes with adjustable wings and a detailed interior. There is a fact sheet included about the vehicle from the movies, plus two mini-figures - of Batman and the Heath Ledger version of The Joker.

It's not the first time that a Batmobile has appeared as part of Lego's Ultimate Collectors' Series. It released a collector's edition of a comic book-inspired Batmobile in 2006. That was far cheaper than the Tumbler set though, at around £50.

If the full version is too much for you to handle, Lego has a Tumbler Chase set available as part of its DC Comics Super Heroes range for around £40. But, to be honest, it's nowhere near as cool as the monster it is about to unleash.

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