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(Pocket-lint) - Lego has announced a new generation it's calling Lego Fusion. Using special bricks, that can be recognised by the Fusion app on iOS or Android, it's possible to build real Lego buildings that appear in a virtual world. Or make virtual constructs and use the app guide to build them in reality. All of which are used in the app for sub-games.

Lego Fusion is a mobile game that works in several ways, the first is to make a virtual world from real-world constructs. The brick builder need only make a wall of a building and snap it with a mobile or tablet and the app will bring it into the virtual world of the game.

There will be four games to play in the Fusion world. To start there will be a town simulator called town Master, a medieval tower defence game called Battle Towers, a resort designer of the same name, and a car racing game called Create & Race.

But before you go tipping out your mountains of Lego, this uses special blocks that the app can recognise, meaning you have to shell out the $35 for the 200 Fusion set if you want to take part.

In Town Master the houses of residents need to be built and then facilities need creating to keep them happy, like a pizzeria.

In the Battle Towers game any virtually damaged tower can be rebuilt in the real world.

For Resort Designer real world bricks can be used to build walls while the app is used to digitally design the interiors.

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The Create & Race game lets you design and build the car virtually within the app. It then gives step by step instructions on how to build that car in the real world using Fusion Lego bricks. The game involves racing the virtual car and saving best laps to share with friends. Competitors can then race your ghost lap car around the track – so no live racing just yet then. But the car can be optimised by changing the bricks out for a better racer.

Lego Fusion is due to go on sale this summer for $35. An exact release date and UK price have not been announced. 

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 19 June 2014.