Ahead of the Lego Simpsons 25th anniversary episode, that will be aired on 4 May, a veritable deluge of recognisable yellow Lego cartoon favourites has been unveiled. And the official minifigures will be on sale soon.

A total of 16 Simpsons Lego characters will be available in May, in time for The Simpsons 25th anniversary episode.  

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Unlike the characters that come with the Lego House, these new minifigs will include characters from around Springfield, not just the Simpson family. There will also be more available than previously on offer. Characters like Chief Wiggum, Nelson, Itchy and Scratchy, Apu and Crusty will all be available, to name but a few.

The Lego minifigs will be available in May for $4 each. 

UPDATE: The UK price will be £2.49 per character and these will be available from 1 May.

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