Lego makes everything more fun. One boring object in need of a fun injection is the keyboard. So Lego master Jason Allemann has done exactly that with his functioning Lego keyboard.

Using a circuit board from a standard keyboard and official Lego pieces, he has created a keyboard crammed with funny yet functional ideas.

The home button is an actual Lego house, the caps lock button features a cap, and the Windows button is made of Lego windows. It's not only a lot of fun but actually a colourful and functional keyboard.

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Useful bricks have been used to help touch typists with the F and the J keys featuring nodules that can have other Lego bricks added to them. In this case though they're only meant to offer a tactile way of recognising them.

The Lego keyboard is just a bit of fun that can't be bought. But on jkbrickworks the building process is clarified. So what are you waiting for? Go start ripping up an old keyboard and emptying out your Lego drawer.