(Pocket-lint) - We absolutely loved the official Lego Back To The Future set produced as part of the Cuusoo project, but the team behind the DeLorean isn't resting on its laurels.

The team, headed by M.Togami, has already been busy creating a whole host of different sets from the movie trilogy, including a Lego version of the Jules Verne train featured at the end of Back To The Future.

The new train set has gained enough public votes (over 10,000) to be considered by Lego to be made into a product that will be made for the shops in the same way it did for the original Back To The Future Lego set.

Marty's Truck

The Toyota Pickup truck, from the original Back To The Future, is a simple set that will include Marty and Jennifer. It is basic, but you just know that you'll want to hit play on Huey Lewis & The News when you build it.

The Courthouse

"Save the clock tower," well now you get to. Team BTTF has recreated the Hill Valley courthouse from 1955 so you can pretend to wire it up with your very own lightening storm, or remodel it to look like it is from 2015. The model isn't full size - ie, able to fit in with the official DeLorean launched in 2013, but will fit in with other mini modular sets if you are keen to build all of Hill Valley.

Biff Tannen's Ford

This Back To The Future set is Biff's Ford from 1955. The convertible is the one that gets covered in manure, and would come with four minifigs including Match, 3D, and Skinhead if it got the go ahead to be made into an officially released set.

Griff's Hover BMW

If the idea of a 1946 Ford sounds a bit dull, you'll want to go for the Griff's Hover BMW set created by M.Togami and Team BTTF. In this set you get the BMW from the future, 2015, and Spike, Whitey, Griff Tannen and Data minifigs with Hover Boards.

Doc Brown's GMC Value Van with small Delorean

"You built a time machine out of a DeLorean?" Yep, this set gives you the chance to relive the Twin Pines mall car park scene from Back To The Future complete with Doc Brown and Marty in bio-suits and Einstein ready to do a spot of time travel. The set includes a miniature version of the DeLorean so you can fit it into the van and the all important plutonium to power it.

Locomotive 131

Remember in Back To The Future 3 where they hijack a train to push the DeLorean off Clint Eastwood ravine? This is the set that lets you do that. The Central Pacific Railroad passenger and freight train works with standard Lego train tracks and comes with Marty, Doc Brown, and Clara minifigs. Those that can't be bothered to wait for approval should look at getting the Lone Ranger locomotive instead (like we did).

Jules Verne Train

Why bother with the train from 1885 when you might soon be able to get the train from the future. The Back To The Future Jules Verne Train set has been approved for the Cuusoo review stage having got 10,000 votes. It lets you recreate the train time machine from the end of Back To The Future 3 and will come with opening train wings for flying mode, work on standard Lego Trains Rail system and come with Doc Brown, Clara, Jules, Verne, and Copernicus minifigs.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.