Have you ever wanted to build a Nintendo Entertainment System replica console out of Lego? Now you can. 

Chris McVeigh, creator of Powerpig Productions and a self-described avid Lego builder, has a Builds 'n Things online retail store where he sells his own custom-designed Lego building kits. There are Lego kits available for NES and other classic consoles, rotary telephones, polaroid cameras, 80s-edition television sets and old computers.

The NES kit is actually called My First Game Console (Sprite Edition), and it's available for pre-order. For $58.50 (£35), you'll get a Lego retro game console building kit with 220 pieces including two classic controllers and two cartridges. The main unit measures 3.75-inches wide x 1.5-inches tall x 3.25-inches deep and will begin shipping next month. It will arrive in a sturdy cardboard box. You can also grab a building instruction manual at chrismcveigh.com.

According to McVeigh, My First Game Console (Sprite Edition) features a moveable cartridge door. This allows you to flip open the door on the main unit, and then you can insert and remove cartridges, mimicking the look and feel of an actual retro console. If you want to buy one of these consoles now, you had better hurry. At least one product on Build 'n Things is labelled as "retiring soon" - indicating that some products might be limited edition. 

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Powerpig, which is not affiliated to The Lego Group, ships internationally, though all kits come from Canada and might have pricey shipping rates. Builds 'n Things - hosted through store builder tool Storeenvy - does accept PayPal during checkout. More information about placing an order or shipping rates is available at Powerpig's FAQ page.

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