In between Halo game releases it can be hard to fill the time. Mark Kelso hasn't had this problem as he's spent the last four years building a 7-foot Halo ship out of Lego.

The impressive construction was of Halo's UNSC Spirit of Fire colony ship. Kelso said on his blog that this was one of the most challenging endeavours of his life, adding: "I won't bore you with the details!"

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Specifications for the design were sent to Kelso by Heikki Anttila who was involved with the 3D modelling of the original ship design. One of the big challenges was removing all the Lego studs to give the model the appearance of a scale build.

With the Lego Movie on its way soon, and Simpson Lego hitting shelves, Kelso has timed this well for fame. Not that he planned it. A tip of the hat to you sir. Next job, build a real Lego car.

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