Character Options has revealed the twelfth Doctor Who as part of its Character Building Lego-like brick range. You will soon be able to re-enact the end regeneration scene from The Day of the Doctor in miniature form. Either that or build yourself a fake Labour Party office and have the wee figure swear his way through corridors in spectacular fashion as Malcolm Tucker.

Played by Peter Capaldi - also Tucker in The Thick of It - the new Doctor will have all manner of adventures in the new series due on UK screens this year. Sadly, we'll not see his final outfit until then as the one his tiny toy wears is taken from his regeneration scenes, not the new show itself.

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There will also be a refresh of the Character Building Tardis console. The version shown at the Toy Fair was again from the final moments in the Christmas Day episode.

Character Options also revealed a new series of "blind bought" figures that come in a plastic Tardis-like box. Different Doctor Who characters appear in the range. Release dates and prices are yet to be confirmed.