Lego will be releasing a series of 16 The Simpsons mini figures in May, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the animated show. The blind pack figures will be available to collectors and enthusiasts at a far lower cost than The Simpsons Lego house, timed to come out around the same time.

The minifigs will feature characters from the show, including Homer, Bart and Lisa. Although a price for each figure is yet to be officially revealed, they will be far cheaper than the house playset. That will cost a hefty £179 when it comes to the UK.

Also announced during the London Toy Fair convention is a range of Ninja Turtles sets, an expansion of the range dedicated to The Hobbit, and two other minifig collections, the first based on The Lego Movie and the other being Series 14 of the annual figures packs. The latter will be available towards the end of 2014.