This isn't just any old Lego car, it's not even just a life-sized Lego car: it's a fully functional, air-powered, full-sized Lego car.

This car is made of 500,000 pieces of Lego and features 256 working pistons that drive its functional engine. It uses four orbital engines to power the car up to speeds of 20mph.

The Lego car was built by Australian Steve Sammartino and Romanian Raul Oaida and styled to look like a hotrod. At the moment they've kept speeds down saying they "drive it slow as we are scared of a giant Lego explosion." We’d like to see that shot in super slow-motion. They have posted a normal video of it in action on YouTube though.

The entire project was crowdfunded, but not using the usual crowd funding websites. Steve did it all from a single tweet. Using Twitter he posted, "Anyone interested in investing $500-$1000 in a project which is awesome & a world first tweet me. Need about 20 participants...". The two boffins got 40 backers right away.

Perhaps that's the future right there. The funding that is, not roadways full of Lego cars. Although...