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(Pocket-lint) - Smartphone cases are serious business. They are there to protect your phone from drops and scrapes, to keep your most precious gadget safe through the toils of daily abuse. But serious doesn't have to be boring and nothing says that better than the Lego Builder Case.

Manufactured by Belkin under licence from Lego, the most important thing about the Lego Builder Case is that it's good quality and fits the iPhone really well. It's a perfect fit around the sides which are rubberised and flexible, providing plenty of grip. The sides wrap all the way around to the front, providing a little extra protection for that Retina display on the front.

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The buttons are covered, with an opening for the mute switch on the side. Around the back there's also an opening for the camera and flash and the Lightning port and speakers on the bottom are unobstructed.

In the hand, the Lego texture of the back feels a little funny, but there's something slightly hypnotic about stroking it. You can run your fingers over those iconic Lego bumps, as fond childhood memories come crashing back in, whisking you away to a time when the sun always shined, the summer was endless and the most fun you could have was digging through a huge box of Lego bricks.

It will also draw admiring glances as soon as you place it down on the boardroom table. It's a talking point, especially if you write something on the back in Lego, or even create a busy bar scene, as we did. We don't like the look of that chap at the back, he's up to no good.

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Naturally, holding the phone without knocking all those Minifigs off the back is something of a challenge - and the pirate's hook was forever obscuring the camera - but you can very easily create a unique design on the rear without detracting from the pocketability of your phone.

The Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5/5S is available from Belkin now in a variety colours and will cost you £24.99. It comes with a bucketload of free fun.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 10 December 2013.