Meet the LuuMa EV3, the world's most insistent Lego robot. Built using Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit, this little black box looks like the most tempting, yet annoying machine on the planet. And that black exterior is all too sinister for us to trust - and rightly so. Check out the video to see what we mean.

As you can see if you try to push the button a little fella pops up to push it back in place. But it's smarter than a straight reactive push, this guy has timing. Turn your back and he'll strike. Even attempts to turn him off seem to fail.

Of course in reality when the battery dies it's game over but for the purposes of this video we love the creativity. Thanks to Jason Allemann who created the robot. He says it has six different responses for turning the switch off, as well as two evasive manoeuvres to prevent it being turned on in the first place.

It's the first step on the road to Portal style robots that will toy with us before enslaving us all. Just saying. But if you want to help in humanity's ultimate downfall you can build your own version of this bot by following the instructions on Jason's website. - learn about it / talk about it / deal with it At parents can find all the advice they will need to keep their children safe online. Designed specifically for parents, the site offers a wealth of up-to-date, unbiased information and advice about how to deal with online safety. Parents can learn about the latest issues and technologies, get great tips on how to talk about online safety with their children and get the best advice on dealing with issues and taking action. Created with experts, Internet Matters provides detailed information, but also signposts to best-in-class resources from individual expert organisations. Our goal is to ensure parents can always access the information that they need, in a format that is clear and concise.