It's official, Lego minifigs prefer Android. Well, the trendsetting ones at least.

That is what seems to be the case, judging by the very Android-looking phone being carried by one of the latest minifigures in the new Season 10 set released by Lego.

The minifig is part of the popular blind bags Lego has sold for the past couple of years, updating the designs every six months or so.

Aside from the usual array of crazies, which this time includes a minifig dressed in a bumble bee outfit and a sad clown, there is one, a girl dubbed "trendsetter", carrying a smartphone.

"It's not easy to be super fashionable and popular all the time," 
says the blurb that accompanies the cool chick. "Everything the Trendsetter does becomes the next big thing. If she buys a certain phone, so does everybody else."

lego minifigs use android smartphones image 2

The blurb continues like a checklist for someone you probably wouldn't like very much:

"If she reads a particular magazine, everyone else reads it too. All of the minifigures that she meets want to look like her, act like her, and do all of the same things she likes to do.

 The Trendsetter has to really think about the trends she’s going to set. If everybody buys her favourite food and clothes, then there won’t be any left for her, and if people know what movie she’s planning to see, the theatre might sell out before she gets there. She isn’t sure why everybody seems to want to be just like her… but she has to admit that she doesn’t mind the attention one bit!"

So what's her phone? With three hardware buttons it's not an iPhone that's for sure. And with icons on the screen it's not Windows Phone either. Although, with three buttons it does look like an older Android rather than the latest cutting-edge offering from Samsung, Sony or HTC.

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