Iron Man 3 is out on the 26 April in the UK, but those wanting to re-live the Malibu Mansion Attack sequence (featured in the trailer) can do so thanks to Marvel and Lego creating the Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack set. 

The set features Tony Stark's Malibu mansion and that means you get a glass-fronted control centre, complete with coffee machine and see-through computer screens. 

lego iron man malibu mansion attack pictures and hands on image 4

If you're fed up of playing the Stark or Pepper Potts you can switch allegiances and play an Extremis soldier or the lead bad guy - The Mandarin.

As in the new Iron Man 3 film The Mandarin comes with his own attack helicopter with missiles to take out the beach house.

lego iron man malibu mansion attack pictures and hands on image 12

The model itself, like so many of the Marvel sets from Lego, comes with plenty of features to help you destroy it without actually destroying it.

Build wise, the set is fairly straightforward to build (around 50 minutes if you are going for it, although there are points where you'll have to pay attention - not because it is hard, but because there is plenty in the instructions with pieces that aren't as straightforward as they seem.

lego iron man malibu mansion attack pictures and hands on image 9

A basic set in terms of what it does, but married with the film it’s a diorama that offers plenty for those that like to retell the scene in the film.

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