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(Pocket-lint) - Disney has already hinted that it's looking to expand on the Star Wars universe, possibly with Yoda. And that could start sooner than we expected with the launch of the The Yoda Chronicles, a new three-part cartoon series on The Cartoon Network airing in August, following a partnership deal with Lego and its Star Wars range of toys.

According to the two - or should that be three - companies, Lego Star Wars returns in epic style with The Yoda Chronicles, a thrilling, funny and action-packed new Lego Star Wars story to be told in three animated TV specials.

Pocket-lintyoda chronicles lego tie in sees first ever minifig with transparent arm image 3

Set in the “Prequel” Star Wars timeline, The Yoda Chronicles stars, you guessed it, Yoda and a fresh class of Padawans.

While that's exciting, it's not as exciting as a new Lego set to be introduced at the same time called Jek-14's Stealth Starfighter, a new spaceship with a handful of minifigs to accompany it.

One of those minifig's is a new character called Jek-14, who can claim to be the first minifig with a see-through arm. Yep, that's right his arm is transparent - oh, and he has slicked black hair too.

We caught up with Jek-14 at the New York Toy Fair for a closer look, and it looks great. 

The new set, along with a bevy of other Star Wars Lego sets such as the Rancor pit that sits perfectly underneath the Jabba's Palace set released last year, and some other sets from the original Star Wars Universe will be out in August.

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Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.