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(Pocket-lint) - The Daily Bugle is published using an iMac. That what Lego believes is the case with the Apple desktop computer featuring in a new diorama set featuring Spider-man, Dr Doom, and the Daily Bugle's offices.

The computer, along with what could be easily mistaken for an iPad, are found on the first floor of a three-storey office block with J Jonah Jameson's office - including a PC - on the top floor. The ground floor (first floor to Americans) features a pot plant and double glass doors.

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The roof features a satellite dish and trap door, while there is a fire escape down the side to let those inside escape when Dr Doom and his henchman Beetle attack.


Why Dr Doom, from the Fantastic Four, is here wrecking carnage in Spider-man's world is beyond us. Our comic book knowledge runs only so far, but aside from both being Marvel characters we aren't sure they've ever made it into an adventure together. Either way, he gets an attack jet plane, complete with grappling claw, in which to turn up. Nice.

To help fend off the end of the world, Spidey gets help from Nova, another Marvel character. If you aren't aware of Nova, he's a blend of Spider-Man and Green Lantern and happy to fight the forces of evil - a good job too because he has two faces: non-committed and full on shouting. 

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The action gets to heat up, so to speak, with a number of breaking elements to the office. The first floor window can be blown out at the push of a lever, there's a trap door on the roof, and another lever to punch off the DBC sign as well.

Aside from the building and a jet, there is also a street lamp and "dumpster" in which to throw the trash when you've saved the world, or just Spidey's identity for another day.

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As you would expect from Lego the construction is top notch.  Build time with young kids will probably take you a couple of hours, but not much more. An adult blasting through the five bags of Lego and easy to follow instructions in the box could build the set in under 45 minutes, but where's the fun in that? Oh and you might have to slow down to apply the stickers, of course.

There is only one real annoyance here. We would like to have a Peter Parker in the set so you get to play both sides of the superhero.

At £40 there is plenty of fun to be had, more so than with some of Lego's more traditional sets. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.