Amateur Lego modeller Peer Kreuger (mahjqa) makes some of the most extraordinary powered constructions out of the toy bricks, but none more cool (in our opinion) than his latest projects: motorised versions of the vehicles in The Dark Knight Rises.

Kreuger has built several Tumblers (the Batmobile and the non-black painted versions you also see in the film) and a non-flying, but still spectacular replica of The Bat - Batman's plane/helicopter.

if you think official lego batman is cool think again now this is a lego batmobile  image 4

What's more, he's posted pictures of both pieces to Lego's official custom builder website Cuusoo, so you can vote on both the Tumbler and The Bat to potentially see them as official Lego releases one day. To date (they've been up only six and one days respectively), the former has 182 votes and the latter 23. We suggest you head over there and register your support tout suite. These are great pieces of work that any self-respecting fan of Batman and/or Lego will want.

Mahjqa also has his own dedicated website, which features his other Lego builds. You can check it out at

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