You may soon be able to bring your Lego creations to life, thanks to tiny wireless sensors built into the bricks, which in turn will allow you to play with them within an online game.

For example, build yourself a car and any smartphone or tablet device with the Lego BrainBricks app will then be able to pick up the wireless signals from the building blocks and recreate a virtual version on screen. 

These virtual versions of your Lego masterpieces can then be implemented into an online gaming experience.

At present BrainBricks is just a concept by Wonder Years, but there is a video demonstrating how such an idea might play out.

We make no bones here at Pocket-lint that we are big fans of all things Lego, so as a personal plea from us: Lego, if you can hear us, please, please make this happen. It will make us, we mean our kids, so happy.

What do you think to the idea of bringing your Lego creations to life virtually? Let us know.