The Great Britain Olympic team has been bestowed with a prestigious honour even before the London 2012 games has kicked off. The athletes have been immortalized as Lego minifigures.

There are a total of nine Team GB Lego minifigures to collect. These include a brawny boxer, a stealth swimmer, relay runner, judo fighter, tactical tennis player, flexible gymnast, wondrous weightlifter, horseback rider and agile archer.

The commemorative range will be sold from 1 July for £1.99 each in John Lewis, Argos, Tesco, WH Smith, Smyths and Toys R Us.

lego creates exclusive team gb olympic minifigs image 5

Each figurine has its own accessory such as bow and arrow, boxing gloves and weights.

The Great Britain Olympic team joins the likes of The Lord of the Rings, Transformers and Marvel Superheroes as just some of the characters to have been given the Lego treatment. 

The 2012 Olympic Games kick off in London on 27 July, with the Paralympics finishing on 9 September.

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