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(Pocket-lint) - Lego has revealed some more details on the Lord of the Rings Lego sets due in August at the London Toy Fair, and Pocket-lint was on hand to get the inside track.

Shown behind closed doors with a strict no photography policy, we sadly can't bring you any photos of the new sets, however we are able to bring you plenty of details describing them to the best of our ability on what you can expect.

There will be seven sets in total ranging from £11.99 up to £99 and, as with previous sets from Lego, certain sets will come with certain characters from the trilogy of books and movies, ensuring that true fans will have to buy them all.

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The cheapest entry-level offering will be Gandalf and Frodo on the hay cart from the opening scene from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

The set will include the cart filled with junk, a horse, now with moveable back legs so you can set them to be prancing, and Gandalf and Frodo. Gandalf comes with a big grey hat, grey beard, and grey cloth cloak. There is no white Gandalf at the moment sadly. 

But to get Gollum, you'll have to get the Shelob Attacks set (£19.99) from The Two Towers. Gollum as you might expect is just as weedy in Lego as he is in the films, but he does come with a miniature Lego gold ring, while you'll have to spend 20 minutes, probably, building the spider itself.

Then there is the Weathertop mountain set with Aragon, Frodo, Sam Gamgee, Pippin and Merry as well as a couple of the Wraths on horseback.

The set where you will get the most characters from the Fellowship is the Battle for Helm's Deep.

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The set will costs £99 will give you Gimli, Eldarion, Kings Theoden and Aragon as well as a clutch of Orcs to battle against.

There is also a Mines of Moria set (£69.99) including a sledgehammer wielding cave troll that is considerably larger than your average Minifig. Its footprint is a 12 Lego spaces rather than the Minifig's standard two. The scene is set in the tomb room that has the well in it from the films.

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The full line up of sets are: Gandalf Arrives (£11.99), Shelob Attacks (£19.99), Mines of Moria (£69.99), Attack on Weathertop (£49.99), Battle for Helm's Deep (£99.99), Urukhai Army (£29.99), and Orc Forge (£39.99). 

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Talking to a spokesman on the stand we've also been told that some of the sets will feature orcs carrying shields with the white hand of Saruman on them and that we can expect Hobbit sets to tie in with the movie when it hits cinemas at the end of this year.

We will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Lego has released two new shots of the new minifigs so you can see what the characters will look like. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.