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(Pocket-lint) - Character Options, the toy company behind the excellent Doctor Who Character Building (Lego-style) figures and playsets launched last year, has signed a deal with the English Football Association in order to release figures and brick building sets licensed from the organisation.

Shown at Toy Fair 2012 in London for the very first time, the FA sets include a buildable FA Cup, mini figures sporting the England home and away kit and all manner of other football-related shenanigans.

The most impressive, however, is the officially-licensed mahoosive Character Building Wembley Stadium, which can house supporters, players, goals and a little, angular ball. The set, along with the other FA gear, is still awaiting final license approval, but is expected to be launched in time for the forthcoming Euro 2012 tournament in the summer.

Indeed, the figures and multiple playsets are so locked down in licensing legalities at the moment that Pocket-lint wasn't allowed to take photos of the miniature England team (possibly because the mini John Terry was still in it), but a spokesperson did let us take a few snaps of the stadium itself. And it's a mightily impressive beast.

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The Lego-style Wembley Stadium will weigh in at a healthy £150 when it launches. Which is half the price of an FA Cup Final ticket on eBay... Probably.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.