There are many pursuits that appear to be completely futile and void of any true value; watching day-time TV being just one of them.

And this is a criticism made all too frequently in the area of gaming, where hours, and quite possibly days are spent trying to complete objectives that don't really have any meaning in the real world - apart from perhaps the odd playground boast.

And our App Of The Day adopts this idea of pointless-exercise and takes it to a whole new level...


Seeing as Lego minifigures are a whole lot of fun, the pointlessness of the app doesn't seem to matter; and seeing as the app is also free it makes it even more enticing.

The idea is to collect 32 unique minifigures by way of a fruitmachine-esque interface; just swipe the lever watch the parts of the lego minifigures spin around, and hope that you get three that match. If they do you get to collect that figure - easy.

app of the day lego minifigures iphone  image 3

As it's totally down to chance, and given enough time you're bound to collect all of them it seems a needless exercise going through the rigmarole of spinning and matching. But, as the hardcore Lego fans amongst you will no doubt point out, if you do manage to collect them all it'll show your dedication to the Lego cause.

app of the day lego minifigures iphone  image 2

Each Lego Minifigure comes with its own Bio, which is only revealed when you win the piece and although series one is missing you'll get to enjoy both series two and three.