Lego has teamed up with NASA to release new space inspired Lego sets to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle.

Launched as apart of the company's Lego City brand, the “hero” set of the new range will be the Lego City Space Centre that will set parents back £49.99.

For that cash though you will get a miniature space rocket that towers over the Lego minifigs, a launch platform and launch control tower for you to build and manage.

Those not keen on spending that much money, will be able to get the re-introduced Space Shuttle first seen 30 years ago, for the slightly cheaper price of £29.99.

This new version includes astronaut, opening cargo bay doors, Canadian arm and Hubble Space Telescope set to circle the earth. 

So excited about the partnership, NASA will be sending the Space Shuttle set on the actual Space Shuttle Discovery when it blasts off from Cape Canaveral for its last scheduled flight later in the year.

If money’s still tight, you’ll be able to grab the Satellite Launch Pad (£13.99) or a six-wheeled Space Moon Buggy (£3.99).  

Now where's that Death Star set they sell?