Lego is releasing a third batch of minifigs, as it continues to bring out new characters for kids of all ages to collect.

The new collection will include another 16 minifigures and feature gems such as a fisherman complete with fish and fishing rod, a space pirate with wooden leg, and a guy in a gorilla suit with a banana.

lego minifigures return with 16 new minifigs to collect image 2

According to Lego, the figures, which you have to buy blind, have become a hit playground sensation, going straight in at the number 1 spot in the UK toy charts - we’ve certainly found ourselves buying a few.

“Early favourites are the cool Rapper with gold teeth and his own boombox and microphone, and the Guy in a Gorilla suit - take his mask off, he’s sweating underneath it,” says Lego. “If sports are your thing, hit the slopes with the Snowboarder, take on the Sumo Wrestler or practice with the Baseball Player. If you like to travel, take a trip to meet the Hula Dancer, the Tribal Chief, or depending on how far you want to go, the Space Alien! Other personalities in this motley crue include Fisherman, Racing Driver, Pilot, Tennis Player, Mummy, Space Villain, Samurai Warrior and Elf.”

Each minifig costs £1.99 and should be hitting shops soon. But you’ll have to be quick, series 2 sold out in less than 6 weeks.

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