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(Pocket-lint) - Character Options, one of the fastest growing toy companies in the UK, has a mighty range of licensed properties, including the BBC's Doctor Who, which will be gracing all manner of toys and playsets in the coming months.

But the most exciting of those exhibited at this year's Toy Fair in London is a new series of miniature collectable figures called Character Building.

The new toys come in individual foil bags, each containing a different character from the range. And the initial run, which will hit at Easter, will include 10 different Doctor Who micro-figures. Naturally, the Matt Smith generation of the Doctor is included, as is Amy Pond, and several of the more famous enemies, such as Daleks, Cybermen, and ex-BBC Controller Michael Grade*.

Each character is made up of five or six separate components that can even be used to swap with one another, such as the heads, for example. Or you could build a multi-coloured Dalek. And they fit on bases, clicking into round nodules in a strangely familiar fashion...

Pocket-lintdoctor who character building figures like timelord shaped lego minifigs image 2

Now, the company may not be particularly keen to associate its new range with a certain Danish toy brick manufacturer's, but there's no denying the similarities. And, the Doctor Who Character Building figures are even compatible with Lego, being the same size as Minifigs and can click together on the same brick templates.

But that's not to say that you'll specifically mix and match figures between brands, as the next wave of releases will include all manner of Doctor Who-specific playsets. Some, such as the Cybermen creation factory are incredibly intricate. Obviously, there's a TARDIS on the way too. Plus, further mini-figures will be added to the range, such as all eleven Doctors from the show's history.

On seeing the new figures, Matt Smith stated, "It was very surreal and funny coming face to face with a miniature version of myself as the Doctor but I’m glad that the Doctor’s trusty Sonic Screwdriver is in his hand, ready to fend off attacks from monsters!"

While Karen Gillan said about the miniature version of her on-screen alter-ego Amy Pond, "I absolutely love these miniature toys... despite the strange sensation of seeing myself immortalised in plastic and miniature and buildable…and dissectible. I’m loving Pond’s flaming ginger mane and it’s funny to think that The Doctor and Amy are small enough to travel around in someone’s pocket!"

Hmmm... Amy Pond in our pockets...

doctor who character building figures like timelord shaped lego minifigs image 4

*Obviously, we made that one up... But maybe worth thinking about?

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.