We know the Rovio merchandising machine is gathering momentum, but we don't think it's quite at a point where Angry Birds Lego will appear alongside sets featuring Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean... Not yet, at least.

However, Twitter and Flickr user Stephene Griffin (@sgriffin) isn't willing to wait for an official range, and his built his own collection of Lego Angry Birds, including two of the pigs and the catapult.

Naturally, being made of Lego, you can't actually shoot the birds anywhere or else they'll shatter more effectively than the structures they're meant to destroy, but they certainly look natty perched on a shelf.

Maybe if we all ask nicely, Stephene will draw up some instructions on how he made his creations, and then we can all have a go. Or perhaps, this is the prod needed to get the Finnish games company to open talks with the Danish toy manufacturer.

If so, they can have this idea for free: Parrots of the Caribbean Lego... Eh? Eh?

Oh, please yourselves.

Have you seen any more home-made Angry Birds? Let us know in the comments below...

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