Lego's collectable range of Minifigures (or, in popular parlance, Minifigs) has been so successful for the toy manufacturer that it is launching a Series 2 of new characters. The latest line-up includes a Disco Dude, replete with funky 'fro, a cool surfer with his own board, and a Karate Master.

As with the previous range, though, which topped the toy charts after its release back in May, customers don't know which figure they'll find in the sealed bag until it's opened, provoking a swapping frenzy in school playgrounds the like of which has not been seen since the 1979 Division One sticker album (who else created a team entirely of permed superstars?).

Each packet costs £1.99 and contains one of the 5cm-high figures, and they're available at Argos, Tesco, WH Smith, John Lewis, Smyths, and Toys R Us. Series 2 will officially launch on 1 September, the same day that Apple is to announce a new iPod touch, perhaps?

Come to think of it, how about a Steve Jobs Minifig for Series 3? With a tiny iPhone 4 accessory? At least he won't get signal problems with plastic hands.

Have you been collecting the Minifigs? If so, what's your fave? Let us know in the comments below...