(Pocket-lint) - People with spare time on their hands are very clever, especially when it comes to creating tributes to their favourite movies with Lego minifig characters - but what are the top Lego movies on the web today?

In steps a merry bunch of fans on YouTube and Vimeo who've created thousands of clips, recreating their favourite parts, the trailer from the movie, or at times even the entire film. So grab some popcorn and get ready for a night at the movies Lego style.

Which Lego movie will be your favourite?


The A-Team

Yep, it's the opening sequence to the TV show rather than the movie that is about to hit the cinemas this summer. Still, complete with flipping cars and Hannibal and the Team, surely someone has a job for the Lego A-Team.

The Matrix - Trinty Help

Matrix, plus Lego, plus a lot of time, allowed this scene to be recreated in glorious detail. It's so good that you'll believe for a split second you are watching the original movie with Keanu and co.

Lego Chainsaw Massacre

Yep the video is old, like early days of YouTube old, but to us that just makes it feel like you are watching a dodgy copy of the horror movie. Who thought that Lego could be so scary?

Lego Hellraiser

You've just got to love the use of mince beef in this Lego remake of the Clive Barker's Hellraiser horror. And yes, before you ask, Pinhead will scare you even when just a Lego character.

The Usual Lego Suspects

"Hand me the keys you f*cking c&cksucker". Yep, it's that classic scene from Usual Suspects in Lego for you to enjoy, as if you were waiting to hear from Keyser Söze himself.

Lego Ironman Trailer

Ironman is your regular gadget action packed movie. What's that? You didn't know Lego made an Iron man minifig? Neither did we, but like the movie, this is one made by the artist of this movie so we can enjoy it Lego style.

Legomovie Dawn of the dead Lego (pt.1)

This is the opening gambit to the remake of the original horror movie, and apart from a poor soundtrack it's still pretty good. We just love those Lego zombies at the end.

The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told

We know you don't have time to watch three movies, clocking in at over 6 hours of time in front of the TV, just so you can remember your favourite bits of the original trilogy. But it's okay, in steps this Lego Star Wars remake that is 2 minutes 13 seconds long to save you the bother. Told as if a 12-year-old was telling you a story, it's pretty impressive how it ticks all the key story points, without actually having to bore you with quotes from the films.

Reservoir DogsLego trailer

Quentin Tarantino's directorial debut in Lego for us all to laugh, or cry, at including that famous "ear" scene. Very clever.

Inglorious Basterds Lego trailer

Bet you never thought you would see a Lego Brad Pitt minifig, but thanks to this Lego remake not only do you get to see that, but you also get to see World War II in Lego in all its glory as well. 


One big plastic fish, no really, a Lego boat, some water, and one scary soundtrack make for an excellent remake of this Spielberg classic.

Blade Runner - Tears in Rain (in LEGO) from Zach Macias on Vimeo.

Blade Runner - Tears in Rain

It's one of those top movie moments of all time, and probably the reason Rutger Hauer didn't really go on to do that much afterwards - that was as good. While it's not as action packed as some of the videos here, it's still great fun to watch and enjoy.

Spiderman Lego Movie

Spidey goes Lego in this remake of a meeting between our webbed friend and Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius. Can he save the day?

The Lego Ultimatum

If you like your Lego tough, this is the one for you. Lego does Bourne Ultimatum. Just amazing. And yes you will want to watch the movies again once you've seen this.


Yep, even James Cameron's biggest blockbuster of all time doesn't escape the Lego remake, and even though you can't get blue Lego minifigs, that hasn't stopped this film maker making the unobtainable, obtainable.

Crocodile Dundee - That's A Knife

"That's not a knife, this is a knife". Who knew Mick Dundee would, years later, get a remake in Lego.

Shaun of the Dead Lego trailer

We've already watched a Lego remake of Dawn of the Dead (see above) and here you can watch a remake of a remake with a comic spin out of Lego. Simon Pegg would be proud.

The Watchman

It's the ultimate comic book movie (well debatable), and here you can see it remade in Lego as the perfect homage.  


Have you seen a brilliant, whitty, classic scene remade in Lego and then thrust on the Internet for all to enjoy? Tap us up in the comments and we'll try and add the best ones above. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.