Shoot-outs, guns and kill/death/murder are perhaps not the first things you think of when someone mentions Lego, and if it is, don't worry, just keep it to yourself.

However, guns and death are certainly at the forefront of this excellent Lego animation, made by Keshen for Custard Productions. Not only is it slick, but there's also some rather creative ways in which the Lego men are torn plastic limb from plastic limb.

We wouldn't be the fine upstanding site that we are, however, if we didn't issue a quick warning as to regards the content. This is not to say it's particularly graphic (though there are a couple of moments), but after seeing the beloved Lego men you innocently played with as a child blown up and shot down, you could well end up with some severe mental trauma.

The same could be said about watching an episode of X-Factor though, so to hell with it and press play on the video above.