Lego fans everywhere were delighted when the company announced that Lego minifigs would be going on sale on their own for the first time, something that we reported on back in January.

Well the historic moment has arrived as today sees their launch in shops around the country, although no queues have, as yet, been reported.

However, if you were hoping to choose your favourite, out of the 16 on offer, you'll be disappointed as each figure is packaged in such a way that disguises its identity. Fine if you want to relive those football card collecting moments, but perhaps slightly frustrating if you just want the one to display on your desk. Kids, though, are bound to love it.

Characters include a deep sea diver, circus clown, a Robin Hood-esque forestman and Zombie. Priced at £1.99, there will be more hitting shelves in September, so to get the full line up you can click through here.

What's your favourite out of the 16 available? And what figure would you like to see immortalised as a minifig? Make sure you let us know in the comments box below.