Iconic Danish toy retailer Lego has joined forces with Japanese retailer Muji to create a new line of the plastic bricks which combines normal Lego with the Japanese art of Origami - paper folding.

The kits include normal Lego bricks and several sheets of coloured paper, which are then perforated with a hole punch to make colourful creations. It's not quite as prescriptive as normal Lego, though - you can cut out any shapes you like, and then use the hole punch to combine them with Lego.

The kits seem to be only available in Japan for the time being, but we hope that they'll roll out to Europe and North America too. With any luck they might even appear in high street Muji stores in Britain. The kit costs 2,900 yen, and the hole punch is available separately for 1,200 yen - that's about £21 and £8 respectively.