Lego has teamed up with Ben 10 creators to release a range of Ben 10 Lego characters that are based on the brick company's popular Bionicles range.

The Alien Force Aliens are taken straight from the Ben 10 Alien Force cartoon TV series and according to Lego will "give children the chance to act out dangerous missions and save the world!"

There will be six alien characters to start with, however no Ben 10, which could come as some disappointment to avid fans.

Aliens featured include Spidermonkey, Swamfire, ChromaStone, Humungousaur, Jet Ray, and Big Chill.

Being Lego if you go as far as to buy all six (priced at £12.99 a pop) then you'll be able to make a super morphed alien.

Expect your kids to start whining for them from today.