According to the pregnant lady in the corner, the average chocolate Easter egg is scoffed within a matter of seconds; leaving parents with the dilemma of what can entertain their kids for the remaining 95 hours 59 minutes of Easter weekend.

LeapFrog believes it has the answer to get you past the remaining time with a number of toys for the Easter holidays.

Roll and Rhyme Melody Block (ages birth +) (£9.99) introduces rhymes, rhythms, animal names and colours through different musical styles, including Classical music and for some reason Latino beats.

Learn-Along Piano (ages birth +) (£14.99) - introduce baby to shapes, colours and music with this portable plush piano and features 20 melodies and 4 real instrument sounds.

Learning Connections Train (ages 9 months +) links the cars in any order to explore numbers, colours, sizes and quantities, alternatively stack the cars for more hands on learning fun.

And finally for those who've got more money to burn than perhaps sense the company offers the Learn-Around Playground, which at £59.99 (ages 6 to 36 months) promises to keep them full of the joys of spring all year round - well, it better.