Leapfrog, the manufacturer of interactive learning toys for children, has just announced a new limited edition version of its Leapster2 console.

Hoiking a lift from the launch of Toy Story 3 (out 23 July) the company has decided to dress up its portable gaming device in Toy Story 3 decals.

The limited edition device will also come with Toy Story 3 game download which is exclusive to those who buy the console.

The Leapster2 is marketed as:

"an additional fun, safe and secure online learning experience for children aged 4-8 years, offering parents a unique opportunity to view the learning progress that their children are making whilst they play".

Coming with an install CD ROM, it allows the console to plug straight into a PC or Mac via USB and will automatically updates the Leapster2 website with all game and educational progress made.

The limited edition console will cost £39.99 compared to the original Leapster2 price tag of £49.99.

Aimed at children from 4-8 years, do you think 4-year-old children are too young to begin their online activities? Or as long as it's safe - and they get to go outside and play with sticks as well - are you happy for them to get involved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.