EA has launched the Hasbro Family Game Night destination on Xbox Live Arcade, which will allow players to access digital versions of some of the most-loved family board games.

Fans will be able to play games such as Scrabble (available in the US and Canada only), Connect 4, Battleship and Yahtzee through their Xbox in a variety of classic and new modes of gameplay.

Boggle, Sorry! and Sorry! Sliders will also be coming to Xbox Live in the next few months.

The games will take full advantage of the special features offered via the Xbox Live Arcade community, including voice chat, Achievements, increase of Gamerscores and Xbox Live leader boards.

The games also offer avatar support so players can incorporate their own Xbox persona into any of the games available on the Hasbro Family Game Night destination.

Gamers will be able to challenge people locally or online, with Scrabble and Yahtzee offering multiplayer functionality for up to four players.

Hasbro Family Game Night games are priced individually at 800 Microsoft Points each and purchased directly through Xbox Live Arcade.

For more information visit EA's Hasbro Family Game Night website.