Hasbro is planning to add to its range of FurReal robotic pets with the launch of Zambi a baby elephant.

Launching later in the year, Zambi will come with sensors in its head and trunk, and promise to interact with you when you play with it.

In an attempt to appeal to your good side, Hasbro has also said that it will be donating 50% of all the profits from the sale of the elephant to a charity in Zambia - hence the name - that benefits children who have lost their parents to Aids.

While the cynical in you will probably think that 50% of the profits amounts to around 50p, a spokesperson for Hasbro has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the company will give a minimum of $500,000.

"I doubt we will make any money from this toy", our man told us.

The elephant is expected to be on sale in August for around £50.